What is the CMSP Program?

The CMSP (Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional) certification program was created in 2002 to provide the Modeling & Simulation industry with its own professional certification. Like the Professional Engineer (PE) or Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, the CMSP designation signifies competence, skill and experience.

Why should you get the CMSP certification?

Anyone working in the field of Modeling & Simulation – developers, managers, analysts, and users/customers – should pursue the CMSP certification. If you consider Modeling & Simulation to be your “profession,” you absolutely need to get your CMSP.

The Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification Commission (M&SPCC) believes that the CMSP designation will become the industry standard in the years to come, and that in the near future:

  1. Industry professionals will be compelled to get the CMSP credential, as it will signify their knowledge and expertise, and further their careers.
  2. Companies and organizations will encourage and even require their employees to pursue the CMSP credential – both to ensure that their employees are well-educated and certified, and to demonstrate this fact to their customers.
  3. Customers will require companies working for them to have CMSP-certified employees, so they can be assured of competency and professionalism.

Benefits of CMSP Certification

Promote your CMSP certification on your resume and business cards – and in your correspondence. Getting your CMSP will give you:

  • Recognition from the M&S community as a leader in the profession
  • Validation of your skills, knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Opportunities for professional advancement and career growth

CMSP Certification Process

In order to attain the CMSP credential, you must:

  • Submit an online application showing that you meet the required education and work experience requirements – and pay the $250 application fee
  • Provide three professional letters of reference
  • Pass the online CMSP Exam, which you will have two weeks to complete (once you click on “start exam.”)
  • Sign a pledge to abide by the Simulationist Code of Ethics (PDF)

For complete details on the Application Process, please click on the Application Process tab above.

For complete details on the Exam, please click on the CMSP Exam tab above. The CMSP Exam has recently been completely revised. Applicants now have a choice between the CMSP-Technical and CMSP-Management exams.


CMSP certification is valid for four years, at which point you must recertify. Along with the $100 recertification fee, each CMSP must submit a recertification application summarizing his/her work experience and continuing education (including conference/event participation) for the previous four years.

For complete details and to apply for recertification, please click on the Recertification tab above.