Corporate Membership

To see the current list of NTSA Corporate Members, click on Corporate Member List on the right.

NTSA offers three levels of Corporate Membership. 

  • Sustaining - $5,000 in annual dues
  • Regular -     $1,250, $2,500 or $3,750 in annual dues (amount depends on number of employees in the Training/Simulation segment of the company)
  • Associate -  $500 in annual dues

All Corporate Members receive these core benefits:  

  • Reduced registration fees for all employees for all NTSA & NDIA events
  • Listing as a member (with hyperlink to your website) on the NTSA website
  • Subscriptions to National Defense, NDIA’s award-winning magazine (for all linked employees)
  • NTSA’s monthly e-newsletter (for all linked employees)
  • Opportunity to participate in various NTSA and I/ITSEC initiatives

Additional benefits and discounts related to I/ITSEC vary by membership level.

Corporate members of NTSA are allowed to select booth space for I/ITSEC before the general public.  The top two tiers of NTSA corporate members also receive a discount on booth space. 

  • Sustaining Members select space during I/ITSEC and throughout December and January. Sustaining Members receive a 10% discount on booth space and numerous other benefits (see below).
  • Regular Members select space in early to mid-February (approximate) and receive a 5% discount on booth space.
  • Associate Members select space in mid to late February (approximate), but do not receive a discount on booth space.  Associate Membership is intended for smaller companies and educational and non-profit institutions, and therefore also includes corporate membership in NDIA.  

NTSA Sustaining Members receive these additional benefits: 

  • Seat on the NTSA Executive Committee (NTSA’s informal Board)
  • Invitation to NTSA M&S Awards Dinner at I/ITSEC (NTSA’s VIP networking event)
  • Enhanced Listing in I/ITSEC Pocket Guide
  • Additional Expanded Profile in I/ITSEC Exhibits Guide
  • Recognition as Sustaining Member in various I/ITSEC publications and on booth signage, badge ribbons, etc. 
  • Access to Executive Dining Area at I/ITSEC
    • 2 lunch tickets per day plus morning and afternoon access to informal meeting space with coffee, sodas & water

Please contact Carol Dwyer at or (703) 247-9471 with any questions about NTSA Corporate Membership.

To join, please click Join NTSA on the right OR complete and submit the membership application on page four of the NTSA Membership Brochure