Corporate Membership

To see the current list of NTSA Corporate Members, click on Corporate Member List on the right.

NTSA offers three levels of Corporate Membership.

  •  Sustaining - $5,000 in annual dues
  •  Regular - $1,250, $2,500 or $3,750 in annual dues (amount depends on number of employees in the Training/Simulation segment of the company) 
  •  Associate - $500 in annual dues    

All Corporate Members receive these core benefits:  

  • Membership to NTSA Connect - NTSA's online community for M&S and training professionals
  • Reduced registration fees for all employees for all NTSA & NDIA events
  • Listing as a member (with hyperlink to your website) on the NTSA website
  • Subscriptions to National Defense, NDIA’s award-winning magazine (for all linked employees)
  • NTSA’s monthly e-newsletter (for all linked employees)
  • Opportunity to participate in various NTSA and I/ITSEC initiatives

Additional benefits and discounts related to I/ITSEC vary by membership level.

Corporate members of NTSA are allowed to select booth space for I/ITSEC before the general public.  The top two tiers of NTSA corporate members also receive a discount on booth space. 

  • Sustaining Members select space during I/ITSEC and throughout December and January. Sustaining Members receive a 10% discount on booth space and numerous other benefits (see below).
  • Regular Members select space in early to mid-February (approximate) and receive a 5% discount on booth space.
  • Associate Members select space in mid to late February (approximate), but do not receive a discount on booth space.  Associate Membership is intended for smaller companies, educational institutions and foundations.  

NTSA Sustaining Members receive these additional benefits: 

  • Seat on the NTSA Executive Committee (NTSA’s informal Board)
  • Invitation to NTSA M&S Awards Dinner at I/ITSEC (NTSA’s VIP networking event)
  • Enhanced Listing in I/ITSEC Pocket Guide
  • Company Logo in I/ITSEC Exhibits Guide
  • Recognition as Sustaining Member in various I/ITSEC publications, signage and badges
  • Access to Executive Dining Area at I/ITSEC
    • 2 lunch tickets per day plus morning and afternoon access to informal meeting space with coffee service
  • Listing in the online Mega Directory - connects suppliers to customers in industry and DoD

Please contact Carol Dwyer at or (703) 247-9471 with any questions about NTSA Corporate Membership.

To join, please click Join NTSA on the right.  More information can be found on the NTSA Membership Brochure.