COVID-19 Safety Measures

The health and safety of TSIS attendees, exhibitors, and volunteers is NTSA’s number-one mission. We are working closely with all our partners at the Rosen Centre Hotel and conference vendors to ensure we present an event that meets all recommended health and safety requirements for our attendees, exhibitors, and team.

TSIS will follow the latest guidance and recommendations for large groups and meetings from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, Rosen’s Total Commitment Program Overview adheres to those same guidelines and includes the implementation of physical distancing measures, strict sanitization and cleaning protocols, and hand sanitizing stations. The Rosen Centre has received the GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council) Star accreditation which acknowledges the hotel’s protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention to protect guests and associates complies with GBAC’s 20-point auditing system.

These regulations are subject to changed based on local and hotel policies.

What are travel guidelines in the USA for attending TSIS?
Each state has specific guidelines in place for travel, please review your states guidelines or those states you plan to travel through for your arrival to TSIS. To help with your travel planning, NTSA has collected sites we think will be helpful. Please review the following links for your specific plan for arrival/departure into and around Orlando. We will continue to update this list as we receive new information.

What are the DoD response/guidelines for COVID-19?
Information and resources on coronavirus-related subjects for members of the DOD community and the general public may be found at

What are some best practices that TSIS will develop and implement onsite in Orlando?
These measures are just a sampling of what we plan for TSIS, we will continue to assess and evaluate the latest solutions in the coming months. We will continue to work with our venues in Orlando and as we update our plans, we will share them with you. 

Will TSIS require attendees and exhibitors to wear masks?
As of April 28, 2021, Orange County (Florida) still requires masks to be worn in indoor public spaces. The current Rosen Centre policy is that masks are mandatory in all public areas. For the most current information, visit Orange County Government at

Will TSIS provide masks if I forget mine?
We would like you to ensure that you have your own masks for your personal comfort and safety. NTSA will make disposable masks available at registration in limited quantities.

Will TSIS provide hand sanitizer stations?
The Rosen Centre will provide hand sanitizing stations that will be dispersed around the conference space; one in or around every section of the ballroom space on the first floor and spread out evenly on the second-floor meeting spaces. NTSA will work with the Rosen Centre to ensure there are adequate stations for all TSIS events.

Will you be taking temperatures or other pre-screening methods to determine the health of attendees before they enter the hotel?
The Rosen Centre requires all guests, associates, vendors, and outside parties to participate in a non-invasive temperature screening at designated entry points. More details can be found in Rosen’s Total Commitment Program Overview.

If I am running a fever and not allowed entrance, will I receive a refund of my conference fee?
It is our goal to provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants at TSIS. Any attendee who is not able to attend due to illness will have their registration fees refunded, less a $75 processing fee.

Is there a permanent first aid station at the Rosen Centre?
Rosen Centre security staff is 24 hours, and all security associates are CPR, First Aid, BBP, and AED certified. They are the primary phone call in the case of any first aid situations that do not require emergency medical attention. East Coast Medical provides Physician house calls and they can be reached at (407) 648-5252.

What is the closest medical facility to the Rosen Centre Hotel?
The nearest trauma/emergency hospital, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, is approximately 3.5 miles from the hotel.

Contact Information
9400 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 351-8500

There is also a walk-in clinic within 2 miles from the hotel. The closest fire station and police station is 1.5 miles away from the hotel.

COVID-19 Safety Measures