Headshot of John Schwartz, edX Head of Global Business Development

John Schwartz

edX Head of Global Business Development
NTSA September Webinar - Do Online Training and Education Scale Up? Lessons from Learning in the Age of COVID-19

John Schwartz serves as edX Head of Global Business Development. He is part of the team that drives edX's engagements with prospects and partners including Foundations, NGO’s, Corporations, and Governments both local and international. John has extensive experience in Asia and the Middle East. John's career has been focused on driving business development for companies in a variety of industries including education tech, automotive, pharmaceutical, publishing and finance. He also has experience in strategic marketing and branding with an emphasis on experiential design. Most recently, John was a Board Member and Chief Strategist at Hudson & Cutler, a technology driven marketing and communications company. John is a graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.