Headshot of Matt Spruill, Director of Information Technology and Orlando Operations, Trideum Corporation

Matt Spruill

Director of Information Technology and Orlando Operations, Trideum Corporation
NTSA November Webinar - Preview of vIITSEC with Conference Leadership

Matt Spruill is Trideum Corporation’s Director of Information Technology and Orlando Operations. In this role, he is responsible for leading solution delivery and developing Trideum’s strategic vision for all training, simulation, and education growth across the Department of Defense. Matt has worked in the training and simulation industry for 30 years in both military and industry positions, and is constantly exploring new methods, techniques, and technologies to advance the state of the art in training and education for not only today’s, but for the next generation, workforce. Matt’s 20-year military career as a U.S. Army Armor Officer culminated in leading development and operationalization of the Joint Live Virtual Constructive Federation (JLVC), DoD’s first all-service entity-based federation that is still used to train combatant commands, joint task forces, and service organizations. In his current role at Trideum, Matt also serves as a strategic advisor to the Joint Staff J7’s Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) leadership. Additionally, Matt has been a tireless advocate and an active leader in the broader training and simulation community activities, including formally serving as Chairman of the Board of the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Partnership, Conference Chair for MODSIM 2009, and Vice President of Operations for the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Sunshine Chapter. For 14 years, he has held progressive I/ITSEC leadership positions including twice as a Subcommittee Chair and three times as Special Events Chair. Matt holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Kentucky. He is the co-author of three books: "Echoes of Thunder - A Guide to the Seven Days Battles;" “Summer Lightning - A Guide to the Second Battle of Manassas;” and “Decisions at Second Manassas - The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle.”