2019 NTSA Modeling & Simulation Awards


The National Training and Simulation Association will be accepting nominations for the 2019 Modeling and Simulation Awards.

M&S Award Schedule

August 5                 Opening of nominations for the M&S Awards
October 4              Deadline for submissions
Mid October            Winners are notified
December 3            M&S Awards are presented at the NTSA Modeling and Simulation Awards Dinner
                                (dinner is by invitation only) during I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, Fl.

Award Categories
Nominations (for individuals or teams) may be submitted for outstanding achievement in the following categories:

The Education / Human Performance track seeks nominations that discuss the development and application of instructional strategies, methods, theories, and best practices that promote or advance learning and / or focus on the human dimension, addressing humans as an integral component within systems and in mission accomplishment. Nominations should clearly articulate recent and innovative advances in the development and application of standards, methods, theories and strategies across all phases of the learning lifecycle (analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation) to promote and/or accelerate learning. Emerging areas of interest include but are not limited to leveraging strategies that include mobile, social, blended and adaptive learning and / or that leverage and extend the capabilities of an individual or team during training, and/or impact learning transfer and operations

The Training System Acquisition track seeks nominations related to issues associated with the acquisition of training devices, training simulations, and training services. Nominations are sought that provide insight into innovative approaches for acquiring, implementing, and sustaining these capabilities. As such the nomination should provide qualitative and quantitative data to help substantiate outcomes and where possible, characterize innovative processes or techniques to improve return on investment and / or that address innovative contracting of intellectual property that supports maintenance or competition for training and simulation capabilities.

The Simulation / Training track seeks nominations that discuss the application of innovative concepts, methods and technologies to create effective simulation solutions, whether for training or non-training applications. Popular topic areas include agile and adaptive training strategies; integration techniques; simulation system interoperability; individual and collective team training; crew coordination; legacy system upgrades; and modeling and simulation for experimentation, research, concept development, and weapon system acquisition. Evaluations of simulation effectiveness and lessons learned, documented with quantifiable data, are encouraged.

The Lifetime Achievement award recognizes a candidate's significant and substantial contributions to establishing Modeling and Simulation as a discipline in academia, industry, and/or the government. This award is intended to recognize individuals whose contributions have been made over a significant period of time. The nomination should clearly reflect the candidate's commitment to nurturing the robust evolution of the M&S profession. The significant nature of the candidate's contributions should be supported by an explanation of their impact on the ways in which certain aspects of modeling and simulation activity are carried out or approached.

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Submission Instructions

Please submit your nomination online HERE by October 4.

You will be asked to complete the following nomination information:

Award Type - whether Individual or Team
Award Category - please select the appropriate award category
Nominee Information - nominee information (Individual or Team)
Submitter Information - person making the nomination
Reference Information - contact person that we can refer nomination questions
Description of Achievement - keep to no more than 750 words - nominations should include (as applicable):

  • Introduction and background (including size and history of program as relevant)
  • Technical approach and/or methods
  • Innovations, new use(s) of technology, research finding, etc.
  • Lessons learned, benefits, and verifiable measurable improvements
  • Conclusions.

Nominee(s) Biography - biography of individual or individuals on the team; not to exceed 50 words per biography
Proposed Citation - a concise (75 words or less) proposed citation that highlights specific achievements and is suitable to be read at the awards ceremony
Customer References and Testimonials (optional) - we strongly encourage independent customer references and testimonials to support the nomination

Additional Information

  • The M&S Awards are intended to recognize outstanding achievements or innovations by individuals or teams of individual - please no product pitches.
  • Only one nomination accepted between the four categories. Please do not enter the same nomination under multiple categories.
  • 2016, 2017, and 2018 M&S Award winners will not be considered for 2019 awards. See Past Award Winners link on right for previous award winners.

Questions? Please contact Carol Dwyer at cdwyer@ndia.org or (703) 247-9471.

The nomination deadline is Friday, October 4
Click HERE to enter your nomination.

2019 NTSA Modeling & Simulation Awards