I/ITSEC Best Paper & Tutorial Awards

Each year at I/ITSEC, awards are presented for the Best Paper and the Best Tutorial. Winners of these coveted, highly prestigious awards are honored for their achievements during the event. For more information and Best Papers and Tutorials archive, please visit the I/ITSEC website

Best Papers and Tutorials for 2019

Best Paper

Human Performance Analysis and Engineering
Simulating Augmented Reality Spatial Accuracy Requirements for Target Acquisition Tasks, ID #19343
*Selected as Best Paper at I/ITSEC 2019

Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies
Reinforcement Learning for Automated Textual Reasoning, ID#19150

Enhancing Learning Outcomes Through Adaptive Remediation with GIFT, ID #19275

Policy, Standards, Management and Acquisition
Effects of Bottlenecks within Military Training Pipelines, ID #19145

Fully Automated Photogrammetric Data Segmentation and Object Information Extraction Approach for Creating Simulation Terrain, ID #19245

Advise When Ready for Game Plan: Adaptive Training for JTACs, ID #19105

Best Tutorial

Superforecasting: Proven Practices for Leveraging Human Ingenuity, ID #1921
*Selected as Best Tutorial at I/ITSEC 2019

An Introduction to Cognitive Systems for Modeling & Simulation, ID #1914

Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, Capabilities and Limitations, ID #1919