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  • Services Declare Breakthrough in LVC Training Training and Simulation


    Services Declare Breakthrough in LVC Training

    Air Force and Navy officials are declaring success for a joint technology demonstration that tied jet fighters in the air with pilots operating simulators on the ground, who could all fly against computer-generated adversaries.
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    Trainers Helping EMTs in Rural Areas Hone Skills

    Emergency medical technicians in rural areas are often volunteers and the small towns in which they serve don’t have a lot of funds for training.
  • Training and Simulation


    Industry Develops Next-Gen Small Arms Trainers for Troops

    New small arms trainers equipped with high-fidelity simulations and realistic weaponry could give soldiers and Marines the ability to hone their skills well before they ever set foot on a battlefield.
  • Big Data image Training and Simulation


    Big Data, AI to Advance Modeling and Simulation

    Military officials and industry experts have long discussed how artificial intelligence can benefit the warfighter. The technology promises to crunch mountains of data into easily digestible bites of actionable information and to predict when parts on a vehicle are about to wear out.
Displaying 1-4 of 4 results