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2015 NTSA M&S Awards

For Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation

Each year, the Governor’s Awards and NTSA M&S Awards are presented to individuals or teams for outstanding achievements in the development or application of models and simulations. Awards may be given for outstanding achievement in the specific M&S functional areas of Training, Analysis, and Acquisition, and for outstanding achievement in support of the overall M&S effort (Cross-Function). Individual Lifetime Achievement awards may also be presented.

NTSA is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2015 Governor’s Awards and the 2015 NTSA Modeling & Simulation Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation.

2015 Governor's Awards for Lifetime Achievement in Training & Simulation

Mr. William F. Waite
The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.

(Awarded Posthumously)

Mr. William F. (Bill) Waite is recognized for his many contributions to the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) community, workforce, industry and market. Over a professional career spanning five decades, Mr. Waite was instrumental in the invention and evolution of M&S technologies, practices, and standards impacting a broad spectrum of M&S programs and activities, including simulation technologies evolution; simulation systems development; simulation verification, validation, and accreditation; simulation-based studies and analyses and systems engineering; and the development of hardware and software products supporting modern M&S practice. The M&S community had no stronger advocate; his colleagues’ had no better friend, and his employees at The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc. (AEgis) had no better mentor.

Dr. Robert A. Sottilare
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Human Research and Engineering Directorate
Simulation and Training Technology Center

Dr. Robert A. Sottilare, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, is recognized for his lifetime contributions to the fields of modeling and simulation technology and training research. For over 30 years, Dr. Sottilare has been both a leader of modeling and simulation organizations and a contributor to simulator design and training methods. Dr. Sottilare’s work in reconfigurable simulators, distributed simulation experimentation, demonstrations, standards and adaptive training has made major contributions to the growth and evolution of modeling, simulation and training.


2015 NTSA Modeling & Simulation Award Winners


CAMEL Team (Concept for Advanced Military Explosion-mitigating Land demonstrator Team)
Pratt & Miller Engineering

CAMEL is a next generation concept design demonstrator showcasing technology to improve vehicular survivability and most importantly force protection from blasts, crashes, and rollovers. The CAMEL team’s methodology employed significant use of modeling and simulation as part of an aggressive, unconventional approach to a complete system solution that allows the packaging to start with the soldier’s immediate needs and then move outward. The team has successfully represented what can be done with M&S when an occupant centric design philosophy is applied from the beginning of vehicle development.



PhyCORE Team
Warfighter Performance
Naval Health Research Center

The Physiological and Cognitive Operational Research Environment (PhyCORE) team, a diverse group of clinicians and researchers, expanded a virtual reality walking and balance based rehabilitation tool for injured Warfighters into one that is now capable of promoting injury prevention and resilience. Multidisciplinary research incorporating physiological and mental performance measurements (e.g. correlations between cognitive load, fatigue, and movement) is now being performed by the PhyCORE team - which benefits all of DoD. Their efforts have resulted in large cost savings for the DoD, as the PhyCORE team shares implementation methods and best practices. The PhyCORE team will continue to improve simulation for the Warfighter into the future.



Office of Naval Research and MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Advanced Concepts and Technologies Team

The Office of Naval Research and MIT Lincoln Laboratory Advanced Concepts and Technologies Team - a combination of scientists, government managers, mathematicians, Ph.D. Candidates, military, and video game designers, engineers, artists and programmers – was formed in 2013. The team’s objective was to advance training through new M&S development and improve naval war fighting through better, faster decision-making. The net result of the Team’s achievements was the development of an adaptable, agile, affordable virtual training space and data analytics capability which incorporates ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to illustrate the 'how, what and why' behind resource optimization decision-making in complex operational environments. The team is recognized not only for its technical achievements but also for the speed and efficiency of its efforts, which resulted in significant time and cost savings.


CAPT Kent Gritton, USN (Ret.)
Joint Training Integration & Evaluation Center (JTIEC)

CAPT Kent Gritton, USN (Ret), is recognized for his vision, leadership, and hard work in the formation, growth and evolution of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge. Kent was instrumental in building and expanding the framework of the competition, as well as the Integrated Product Team (IPT), which consists of leaders from industry, academia and the government. Under his leadership, the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) has grown from nine entries with six finalists in 2006 to over fifty entries with eighteen finalists, while the IPT has grown into a significant organization with numerous subcommittees and a global network of external evaluators. Kent was also instrumental in developing the Student’s Choice Award and expanding the SGS&C to include games from overseas competitions. The SGS&C has played a vital role in the evolution of serious games for training – benefitting students, game developers, and industry as well as the government - and Kent Gritton is recognized for his invaluable contributions.


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