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2010 NTSA M&S Awards

For Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation

Each year, the NTSA M&S Awards are presented to individuals or teams for outstanding achievements in the development or application of models and simulations. Awards may be given for outstanding achievement in the specific M&S functional areas of Training, Analysis, and Acquisition, and for outstanding achievement in support of the overall M&S effort (Cross-Function). Individual Lifetime Achievement awards may also be presented, and, in addition, some nominees may receive an Honorable Mention.
NTSA is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2010 NTSA M&S Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation:


The LVC-BASE Analysis Team
Raytheon Company

Raytheon’s LVC-BASE (Live-Virtual-Constructive Battlefield Analysis and Simulation Environment) Analysis Team developed an innovative, new methodology for testing and analyzing future capability for the Javelin Missile Command Launch Unit (CLU). By creating a virtual representation of the Javelin CLU - using a commercial serious game engine - the LVC-BASE team created a platform that allowed for detailed user testing of the new Javelin Precision Terminal Guidance technology in order to support immediate Warfighter needs.

Cross Function

Department of Arts and Technology
University of Texas at Dallas

The First Person Cultural Trainer is a TRADOC G2 sponsored game, immersing players into rural, semirural and urban 3D settings within Iraq and Afghanistan. Players interact with 3D non-player characters who display emotions, form opinions, and change moods and cooperation levels based upon unscripted cultural interactions, with intelligence penetration of IED networks as the goal. Highly composable, this “first of its kind” game combines training for intelligence gathering and cultural immersion at the tactical level.


Common Driver Trainer Team
Science Applications International Corporation

The Science Applications International Corporation Common Driver Trainer team is recognized for exceptional performance in delivering simulation systems for the Common Driver Trainer Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (CDT MRAP) Variant. This state-of-the-art system, which provides a way for soldiers to train on the Army’s newest vehicles prior to deployment, saves lives every day in Iraq and Afghanistan by reducing the number of vehicle roll-overs.

Lifetime Achievement

Mr. Bill Millspaugh
Tec-Masters, Inc.

Mr. Bill Millspaugh’s vision, innovation, technical abilities, and leadership in more than 40 years of analyzing and supporting Field Artillery system development, training, testing, modeling, and experimentation has significantly enhanced the Field Artillery’s ability to train and provide the Warfighter with integrated systems. His lifelong dedication to training, analysis, and modeling and simulation has provided the Field Artillery an enduring legacy.

Lifetime Achievement

Dr. J. Dexter Fletcher
Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. J. Dexter Fletcher is recognized for his leadership, creativity, vision, and continuing contributions to technology and training. His career began with the earliest computer-assisted instruction and evolved through leadership and support of intelligent tutoring systems, networked simulation environments, and on-demand education, training, and performance aiding.

2010 Honorable Mentions

  • Honorable Mention in the Cross-Function category goes to Dr. Barry Silverman and the ACASA Lab at the University of Pennsylvania for their work on NonKin Village.

  • Honorable Mention in the Training category goes to the Alion Science and Technology M&S Team for their support of the Navy Fleet Synthetic Training Program.


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