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2009 NTSA M&S Awards

For Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation

Each year, NTSA awards are presented to non-DoD individuals or teams for outstanding achievements in the development or application of models and simulations. Awards may be given for outstanding achievement in the specific M&S functional areas of Training, Analysis, and Acquisition, and for outstanding achievement in support of the overall M&S effort (Cross-Function). Individual awards may also be presented.

NTSA is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2009 NTSA M&S Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation:


Mr. Rick Boggs
Joint Strike Fighter Training Systems Chief Engineer
Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support

Mr. Rick Boggs of Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support is recognized for using innovative thinking in leading the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) training systems team to introduce an advanced centralized training environment where simulation stations are interlinked with a Learning Management System. Integration with the aircraft's source code guarantees the fidelity of the training solution, and its instant upgradability to future avionic blocks of the aircraft. Mr. Boggs' revolutionary concept was adopted by other JSF partnering countries like the UK, the Netherlands and Australia.


The Raytheon Non-lethal Effects and Crowd Behavior M&S Test Bed Team

The Raytheon Non-lethal Effects and Crowd Behavior M&S Test Bed Team is recognized for its lead systems integration work in urban operations simulation. Through federated crowd and entity-level models and an array of analysis tools, its ground-breaking test bed provides an opportunity to assess crowd reactions to non-lethal effects in varying scenarios with a focus on development of realistic directed energy models, improved crowd behavior models, and effective analysis tools. This program reduces the incidence of fratricide in an environment in which friendly, neutral, and hostile forces are all in close proximity.


Forterra Systems, IDSI and Rustici Software Team

The Forterra Systems, IDSI and Rustici Software Team is recognized for its efforts to develop the first virtual world to incorporate SCORM capabilities. This Team developed the OLIVE™ software platform that enables developers to rapidly generate realistic, collaborative, 3D Internet solutions that easily scale from single user applications to large-scale simulated environments supporting thousands of concurrent users. This Team’s efforts focused on developing a highly realistic virtual training environment based on MMOG technology that can support counter-IED training capabilities.


Alion Science and Technology
TCOIC (Training Counter-IED Operations Integration Center) SIMS (Systems Integration Modeling and Simulation) Support Team

Alion's TCOIC SIMS support team has significantly improved training through their innovative approach for rapid replication of IED events in Iraq and Afghanistan for use in the operational, institutional, and self-development training domains. In four days, they develop visualization files that display actual IED events three-dimensionally, while simultaneously providing terrain databases and scenario scripts that allow units to replay events and to adjust their own tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Not only do these products greatly enhance training regimens, they also save lives.


Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS) Team
Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support

The Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS) Team is recognized for innovative and creative technical design features which accurately represent complex scenarios and intense, realistic training. The capability to rapidly and realistically recreate actual IED attack scenarios is a noteworthy accomplishment, and has contributed to program cost savings, and more importantly, the saving of lives.


ATFS-400™ Phoenix Team
Environmental Tectonics Corporation

Environmental Tectonics Corporation is recognized for developing the ATFS-400™ "Phoenix," a first of its kind, high fidelity, interactive, reconfigurable, networkable, tactical flight simulator system integrated into a state-of-the-art, high performance "flyable" and high sustainable "G" motion system. This actual "G" loading environment allows the ATFS-400™ to replicate actual aircraft flight dynamics providing both the virtual cues and physical stresses experienced during combat maneuvers correlated to the specific tactical aircraft being simulated. This new technology in high-performance aircraft simulation enables a new level of realism in air combat training.


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