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2007 NTSA M&S Awards 

For Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation

Each year, NTSA awards are presented to non-DoD individuals or teams for outstanding achievements in the development or application of models and simulations. (Awards to DoD employees are given by DMSO). Awards may be given for outstanding achievement in the specific M&S functional areas of Training, Analysis, and Acquisition, and for outstanding achievement in support of the overall M&S effort (Cross-Function).

NTSA is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2007 Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation:


Simulation Development Team
Moog FCS / FlightSafety International 

Together FlightSafety International, Inc. and Moog FCS introduced the first successful heavy all electromechanical motion system for simulators.  In addition to military certification RFT, five civilian regulatory agencies [FAA (USA), CAA (UK), LBA (Germany), DGAC (France) and MOT (Canada)] have already approved these units as Level D Flight Simulators.  This technology has increased the availability and fidelity of trainers, while reducing maintenance and energy consumption. FlightSafety has measured a reduction in energy consumption of 85% versus a hydraulic system.

Today there are 39 fielded units that cover 19 aircraft types including one C-17 trainer accumulating over 12,000 hours of training.  The installation at the U.S. Army’s Flight School XXI facility, the largest quantity of simulators with this electromechanical motion system technology at one location, has accumulated over 25,000 hours of service.  The combined hours of service for all aircraft types is over 100,000 hours and is growing at a rate of 10,000 hours per month.


Air Traffic Simulation Training Team
Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Simulation Training Team raised voice recognition technology to previously unattainable performance levels. This technology greatly enhances the FAA’s ability to train thousands of professionals, who represent this country’s “next generation” of air traffic controllers. The Team demonstrated a level of professionalism, dedication and innovation deserving of special recognition:

Thomas Norato, Program Manager, FAA
Coleman Hartigan, Integration Project Lead, FAA
Dan Mceleney, Program Manager, Raytheon Training
Theresa Hoskyns, Lead Engineer, Voice Database, UFA, Inc.


Flight School XXI Simulation Services Team
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), L-3
Communications, Link Simulation & Training,
and FlightSafety International (FSI)

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and its principal subcontractors, L-3 Communications, Link Simulation & Training and FlightSafety International (FSI), designed, developed, and provided an unparalleled turnkey simulation capability that enabled the United States Army Aviation Warfighting Center to implement the Flight School XXI training program. The Private Funded Initiative (PFI) of CSC and its subcontractors utilized this innovative acquisition model to leverage their commercial strengths to produce a virtual and constructive training environment supporting individual through collective training. The FSXXI program provides a major increase in simulation hours and an earlier transition into the student’s wartime aircraft, and produces combat-ready aviators upon graduation.


Mr. John Noss
General Dynamics Information Technology

Mr. John Noss, GDIT Senior Scientist for the AF/A5XS Concepts, Strategy, and Wargaming Division, is commended for his visionary technical contribution to the ground-breaking integration of modeling and simulation tools in support of Air Force and Joint Wargaming. During the 2006 Unified Engagement 06 Wargame, his efforts greatly enhanced the credibility and fidelity of player planning, decision-making, post-game analysis, and ultimate insights associated with the Air Force's largest-ever joint wargaming event.



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