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2001 M&S Awards

NTSA is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2001 Industry Awards for Modeling and Simulation:

DoD (DMSO Awarding)

Non DoD (NTSA Awarding)

Acquisition Functional Area:

Aim 9X Sidewinder Modeling & Simulation Team
PMA 259

Individual Award:
Robert A. Patterson, Jr.
Johns Hopins University Applied Physics Lab

Team Award:
Aim 9X Modeling & Simulation Team
Raytheon Systems Company

Analysis Functional Area:

Iraqi Force Closure Team
USAF Studies & Analyses Agency

Individual Award:
Keith M. McEuen
Raytheon Missile Systems

Team Award:
Coupled Field Aeroelastic Simulations
University of Colorado

Training Functional Area:

Joint Training Management System (JTIMS) Development Team
Joint Forces Command, Joint Warfighting Center

Individual Award:
Elizabeth Sheldon
University of Central Florida

Team Award:
Institute for Creative Technologies
University of Southern California

Cross Functional Area:

Lt Col Charles R. Whitzel
USAF Force Protection Battlelab

Team Award:
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization




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