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President's Corner


A message from RADM James Robb, President, NTSA

Lots of key transitions this summer to the government side of the NTSA team. We say goodbye to Dr. Jim Blake after nine outstanding years leading PEO STRI and welcome Major General Jon Maddux in as his relief. Captain Steve Nakagawa turned over command of NAWCTSD to Captain Wes Naylor on 20 June. We also have new leadership at MARCORSYSCOM PM TRASYS, Colonel (Select) Walter Yates, and at the Simulators Division, Air Force Materiel Command, Colonel Dan Marticello. Additionally, Colonel Bradley M. Crites took command of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation in mid-June.

We had a tremendous showing at the Training and Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS) event in Orlando in June, where we welcomed the new PEO STRI commander MG Maddux. Evidence of new leadership and tight budgets was seen in the reorganization of portfolios and the migration of the programs associated with the TEACH IDIQ to other portfolios. It should be emphasized that the requirements and funding still exists but that they will be distributed to other services and agencies to reduce contract loading at PEO STRI to lower overhead. We sympathize with companies that allocated funding and time to proposal development for the TEACH follow-on. TSIS discussions were rich in content, frank and extremely timely in my view and I thank Mike Genetti and the NDIA Chapter team in Orlando for all their hard work facilitating the program. Please take time to complete the post event survey that has been distributed. Events like TSIS are at the core of the NTSA mission and we are dedicated to making them happen in spite of the current conference climate and restrictions.

ITEC 2014 was held in Cologne, Germany in May and was a great success. Over 100 companies exhibited and there were over 3000 visitors to the event. The European markets seem to have stabilized somewhat with many vendors returning that had taken a pause due to the state of the regional economy. The content of the conference was first rate and we look forward to ITEC 2015 which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

NTSA had a booth at Eurosatory in Paris, France in June. Eurosatory is one of the world’s largest military trade shows with over 3000 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees. We are working with our French counterparts to enhance advocacy for Training and Simulation and bring French industry into the I/ITSEC and ITEC formats.

We return to the Hill for the Capitol Hill M&S Expo on 10 July with the mission of educating staffers and members on the importance of Training and Simulation systems and capabilities. We have scheduled the National Modeling and Simulation Coalition Annual Meeting for the day before to build continuity between the NMSC agenda and our congressional outreach. Please plan on attending both. NMSC is key to our outreach outside of DoD so please consider joining that organization and meeting structure if your strategic plan includes entering the commercial markets with some of your capabilities. Industry diversification is an NTSA strategic objective because it not only brings new markets to our constituents, it make the companies less vulnerable to declining defense budgets. Registration and general information is posted on the NTSA website.

In DC, the Congress continues to take actions to produce a 2015 budget but it is likely that DoD will be operating on a CR until after the election. The budgets in work remain consistent with the two year agreement reached last year.

Finally, we are working a proposal for new NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes related to Modeling and Simulation. This effort, which occurs every five years, allows the community of interest to focus on new codes within the NAICS code structure that will allow our products and services to be better referenced and recorded. Currently, there is very little data available on the size and impact of the M&S industry on the economy because there are no discrete codes that identify our products and services. This not only hampers our effort to be better understood, it hides the tremendous effect M&S is having in our nation. If you want to participate in this effort, please send me an email directly.

I/ITSEC is on track for a strong showing in December. We strongly recommend that companies make personal invitations to key customers and take full advantage of the venue. If we can help in any way please let us know. See you there!!


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